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The 3 pillars of Skilled

Skilled features a method, a platform, and an academy.


Has a team member completed a training and acquired skills?
Then it’s time for the Skilled method.

Each team member follows a structured learning cycle of 10 weeks to embed and develop acquired skills.
plan: As a team member, you start with a personalized practical plan. Here, you determine your specific learning goals.
practice: The emphasis lies on applying the learned skills in practice. You reflect on your experiences and learn from others.
perform: Once you have developed a skill to competence, you complete the learning cycle and start a new one.


Skilled features an online platform that effortlessly supports and guides the learning process, offering the following:

Carreer compass: You consider opportunities and challenges, engaging with motivating skill development.
dashboard: You easily oversee your progress, actions, and goals.
Email program: You receive automated reminder emails.
online community: You participate in shared learning sessions with colleagues.
team panel: As a team leader, you oversee the performance of your team members.


The Skilled academy offers modules for team leaders and their teams focused on learning skills: essential in the modern work environment.

leadership modules: As a team leader, you learn how to ensure your team members actively apply acquired skills. You also participate in shared learning sessions with peer team leaders.
learning modules: You learn skills that help you actively learn in your work. Your development is constantly encouraged.
inspiration library: In this central place within Skilled, you can collect and organize all content from various learning sources. This makes Skilled a tool you can use for every new learning phase.

Shared learning sessions

The best learning method is a shared method

Did you know that team performance improves by 20% through exchanging experiences and learning from each other? That’s why Skilled offers shared learnings for both team members and team leaders.

Shared Learning for teams

As a team leader, schedule bi-weekly team sessions via the online planner. Team members are automatically reminded and exchange practical experiences with other team members during the sessions. This promotes the learning process, team spirit, and team performance.

Shared Learning for leaders

As a team leader, exchange experiences and ideas with other leaders in the field of leadership and L&D during the bi-weekly online shared learning for leaders.

Membership packages

Skilled is available as a membership starting from 387,- per month.
The membership package is based on team size,
varying according to the number of team leaders and team members.