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About us

Our mission is to make learning at work valuable, easy, and fun!
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About us

While Camiel Klinkhamer, founder of Skilled, was still intensively coaching his sales team on putting the latest training skills into practice, an unexpected phone call disrupted the peace. With a smile, Camiel answered the phone, assuming it was the trainer checking in on how things were going. But to his surprise, it turned out to be a sales call for the next training session.
Meanwhile, his team was still actively applying the new skills but struggling to find time amidst the everyday hustle and bustle. This moment marked the beginning of Skilled.

Why wasn’t there an effective L&D program that could support leaders and managers with these challenges? A program that ensures the application of skills for team members seamlessly, while allowing team leaders to monitor and manage results simultaneously? It was time for action. It was time for Skilled.


Team and partners

Camiel Klinkhamer

Stefano Manese

Nick Krastev

Practice plan provides focus

“For millennials who sometimes struggle to stay focused, the individual practice plan is truly a game-changer. It gives them a clear direction on which skills to use when in practice. Additionally, this plan appears repeatedly on their dashboard and in reminder emails, ensuring it’s always top of mind.”

Erik, department manager

Platform makes it easy

“With the platform, it’s really a breeze to keep developing yourself at work, thanks to that structured learning cycle and handy reminders. And the career compass ensures that you develop exactly the right skills you need.”

Frank, team leader

Key skill: Learning to learn

“Learning and development at work is nowadays an essential skill, and that’s precisely where Skilled excels. With the learning modules, team members develop exactly that; how to learn in their work. This way, team members can always move forward, even when training isn’t available”

Eefje, sales enablement