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Frequently Asked


Check out our frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer you need, feel free to contact us.


1. What is the value of Skilled for team leaders?

Skilled offers team leaders a range of benefits:

1. Skill development:
Supports the application of skills learned in training. Encourages learning and development on the job. Provides a personalized learning experience for each team member.

2. Improved team performance:
Increases engagement and motivation of team members. Enhances collaboration and communication within teams. Leads to better results.

3. Effective leadership:
Provides powerful tools to coach and develop your team. Assists in identifying learning needs of team members. Supports you in creating a culture of continuous learning.

4. Time savings:
Saves time by optimizing training and maximizing learning outcomes. Provides easy access to learning materials and tools. Displays the progress of your team members in one central location.

With Skilled you can:
Create a stronger and more engaged team. Improve team performance. Develop yourself in your role as a team leader.

2. What is the value of Skilled for L&D and HR managers?

Skilled offers L&D and HR managers a range of benefits:

1. Effective training and development:
Increases the return on your training investments by ensuring learned skills are applied. Provides a personalized learning experience for each employee. Enables the implementation and management of learning programs at scale.

2. Improved employee engagement:
Boosts employee engagement and motivation by providing opportunities for learning and development. Reduces employee turnover by investing in their development. Creates a culture of continuous learning within your organization.

3. talent development:
Identifies the learning needs of your employees and provides targeted learning opportunities. Tracks employee progress and measures the impact of learning and development programs. Develops leadership talent within your organization.

4. Data-driven decision-making:
Provides insights into the skills and learning needs of your employees. Assists in data-driven decisions about your training and development programs. Makes the ROI of your L&D investments more visible.

With Skilled you can:
Improve the effectiveness of your training and development programs. Develop the engagement and talent of your team leaders and their team members. Adopt a data-driven approach to L&D.

3. What is the value of Skilled for team members?

Skilled offers team members a range of benefits:

1. Skill development:
Encourages the application of new skills needed to perform your job. Strengthens your existing skills and enhances your performance. Helps you develop in a way that is relevant to your role and goals.

2. Career development:
Clarifies where you want to develop professionally. Sets learning goals and tracks your progress. Increases your chances of promotion or career change.

3. Increased engagement:
Boosts engagement by learning and developing at work. Emphasizes responsibility for your own learning process. Provides greater satisfaction in your work.

4. Improved collaboration:
Enhances collaboration with your colleagues by using your skills more effectively. Shares knowledge with others. Contributes to a more successful team.

With Skilled you can:
Develop your skills to become second nature. Take your career to the next level. Find more satisfaction in your work. Make a valuable contribution to your team.

4. What is the main language in Skilled?

The Skilled platform is in English. Therefore, understanding the English language is a requirement. However, within teams and organizations, Skilled can, of course, be used in your own native language.

5. We already invest in training, why invest in Skilled too?

Training is an essential part of employee development, but it’s not the complete picture.

Skilled is like toothpaste to tooth brushing. It’s an essential addition to your existing training programs for the following reasons:

1. Increases the return on your training investments:
85% of all knowledge gained from training is lost within 24 hours without follow-up. 83% of team leaders are unsure how to provide this follow-up. Skilled helps employees apply learned skills in their daily work and teaches team leaders how to provide this necessary follow-up.

2. Supports continuous learning :
Training sessions are often one-time events, but learning doesn’t stop after a training; it only begins. Skilled provides employees with the opportunity for continuous learning and development, at their convenience.

3. Personalized learning experience:
Skilled offers a personalized learning experience for each team member. This ensures they learn what they need most and in a way that works for them.

4. Measurable results:
With Skilled, you can track your team members’ progress and measure the impact of your training and development programs. You can see who is working on what, allowing you to determine if your training investment is paying off.

5. Improved team performance:
Skilled helps you create a culture of continuous learning within your organization. This leads to more engaged and motivated employees, resulting in better team performance.

6. Talent development:
Skilled assists you in identifying your employees’ learning needs and developing their talent. This way, you can prepare future leaders within your organization.

Investing in Skilled is an investment in the future of your employees and your organization.

6. Why invest in Skilled even if you don't invest in training (yet)?

Even without formal training programs, Skilled provides valuable benefits for you and your team:

1. Discover learning goals:
With Skilled’s career compass, you can identify what you want to achieve in your work. This helps you clearly define areas for development. Later, you can choose the most relevant training programs for you and your team more effectively.

2. Start learning immediately:
Skilled offers a range of learning modules you can use right away to develop your skills. These modules focus on learning skills, leadership skills, and personal development. This allows you to improve your performance immediately without waiting for formal training.

We currently offer the following learning modules:

For team leaders, how to:

  1. create a save learning climate
  2. prioritize learning and development
  3. coach 1-on-1
  4. provide honest feedback
  5. increase motivation for skill development
  6. qualify what skills to develop
  7. address performance gaps
  8. challenge team member’s ambitions

For learners, how to:

  1. create a growth mindset
  2. give feedforward
  3. receive feedback
  4. reflect
  5. grow vulnerability
  6. grow resilience
  7. grow curiosity
  8. grow discipline

Each learning module consists of a training video and an easy to use checklist.

3. Build a learning culture:
Skilled creates a central place where you can collect and organize learning materials. This makes it easy for you and your team to access relevant learning resources, such as links to videos, book summaries, masterclasses, podcasts, and articles. This fosters a culture of continuous learning and development, even without formal training programs.

4. Preparation for future training:
By using Skilled, you enhance your learning ability and develop skills that help you get more out of future training. This ensures you are better prepared for future learning opportunities and maximize the return on your training investments.

Investing in Skilled is an investment in the future of your employees and your organization.

So even without formal training programs, Skilled offers a powerful platform for learning and development.

7. Which trainings are perfect to pair with Skilled?

Skilled is a powerful method and platform that promotes the application of learned skills and continuous learning. To maximize this, pair Skilled with training programs that focus on practical skills relevant to your work and can be applied daily or weekly.

Here are only some suggestions:

1. Leadership development:
Effective coaching and feedback: Learn how to guide and motivate your team members to reach their full potential.
Communication skills: Enhance your verbal and written communication skills to collaborate and present more effectively.
Conflict management: Learn to manage conflicts constructively and create a positive work environment.

2. Time management and productivity:
Effective planning and prioritization: Learn how to organize tasks efficiently, manage your time, and meet deadlines.
Concentration and focus: Reduce distractions and increase your concentration to perform tasks with maximum focus.
Digital skills: Learn how to use digital tools and technologies efficiently to optimize your workflow.

3. Sales and customer service:
Sales techniques: Learn how to present your products and services effectively and persuade customers.
Active listening and customer orientation: Develop skills to understand customer needs and create an optimal customer experience.
Negotiation skills: Learn how to negotiate effectively with customers and suppliers to secure optimal deals.

4. Team skills:
Effective collaboration: Learn how to work successfully with others to achieve common goals.
Active listening: Develop your ability to listen attentively and with understanding to your colleagues.
Problem solving: Learn to analyze problems systematically and come up with creative solutions.

5. Personal effectiveness:
Stress management: Learn to manage stress effectively and maintain your mental and emotional health.
Self-confidence and assertiveness: Boost your self-confidence and learn to communicate assertively.
Creativity and innovation: Develop your creativity skills and learn to think innovatively.

By combining these type of trainings with Skilled, you maximize learning outcomes and ensure the practical application of the skills acquired.

8. What is the average weekly time investment for skilled?

The time you invest in Skilled is relatively small but has a significant impact on your development and that of your team.

On average:

  • Individual development: You spend just 25 minutes per week on your own development with Skilled. This is only 1% of your working time!
  • Team leadership: As a team leader, you spend an average of 25 minutes per week per team for approximately 7 team members. This totals less than an hour per week, or just under 2% of your working time.


  • These time estimates are averages. You can adjust the amount of time you spend on Skilled based on your learning goals and needs.
  • Skilled is flexible. You can learn at a time that suits you, whether in small portions or longer sessions.
  • The impact of Skilled is significant. You learn new skills, improve your performance, and contribute to the development of your team.

A small time investment with a huge return!

9. Can Skilled be used temporarily?

Yes, you can use Skilled temporarily. We offer monthly subscription plans, giving you the flexibility to use Skilled as needed. Additionally, we allow you to temporarily deactivate team members, enabling you to add others to your team.

However, it is important to emphasize that Skilled is designed to support a continuous learning process. Continuous use of Skilled leads to better results, saves time, and keeps team members engaged and motivated.

Therefore, we offer cost-effective annual subscriptions, ensuring you have ongoing access to the benefits of Skilled while keeping it affordable for your team.

10. When is the best time to start with Skilled?

The best time to start with the Skilled assessment is now! Because the assessment will help you determine your readiness.

Whether you’re beginning a new training program, looking to strengthen your team, or simply wanting to accelerate your leadership development, Skilled is ready for you.

Why wait until tomorrow when you can start today to enhance your leadership, improve team performance, and increase engagement and motivation? Start with Skilled today and give your team the boost it needs to excel.